The Challenge of Copycats for Social Media Creators

The Challenge of Copycats for Social Media Creators

In the digital realm of social media, content creators grapple with the fine line between inspiration and imitation, facing challenges in copyright complexities in India.

In the vibrant world of social media, content creators constantly toe the line between inspiration and imitation. 

With camaraderie stories contrasted by copyright infringement cases, establishing oneself is a turbulent journey. 

We delve deep into the world of social media creation and its nuances.

Ankita Sahigal’s Dilemma

Ankita Sahigal’s humorous take on being a “dream-bahu” caught many off guard and garnered significant attention. 

One memorable line she delivered was, “Mujhe Europe trip pe nahi jaana, mujhe mummyji ke guilt trip pe jaana hai (I do not want a Europe trip, but a guilt trip from mom-in-law).” 

As her reels became popular, Sahigal faced accusations of mimicking another creator, RJ Karishma

However, showing the strength of camaraderie in the creator community, Sahigal reached out to Karishma for clarity, only continuing with her endorsement.

However, not all instances are so harmonious. 

In recent weeks, they brought to light two major copyright infringements. The creator of Project Anti-caste accused the India Love Project of plagiarizing their inter-caste and inter-religion marriage content. 

Meanwhile, Humans of Bombay has filed a case against People of India for copyright violation, which will be heard on October 11 in Delhi High Court.

Balancing Inspiration and Originality

“I might have been inspired by RJ Karishma, the original in saas-bahu content, but it is about putting your stamp on it,” Sahigal shared in a midday conversation. 

Sahigal reminisced about a reel where she unknowingly wore lipstick on her teeth, mirroring a personal experience. 

This unintentional act became her trademark, which fortunately remains untouched despite copying other content.

Conversations about copyright, content ownership, and the boundaries between inspiration and copying are increasingly relevant in today’s digital age. 

As one social media manager pointed out, without an official body for creators, the onus falls on creators to stand out and protect their originality.

The Complexity of Copyrights in India

Anushka Rathod, a pioneer in finance content creation, expressed her frustration over blatant copying. 

Ayush Guha, from influencer agency HYPP, highlighted the vastness of the content creation ecosystem in India, making copyright infringements challenging to monitor. 

Major production houses have dedicated teams for this purpose, but most agencies directly approach violators, requesting content removal or credit acknowledgment.

Deepak Singhal, an expert in IP law, emphasized the legal complexities surrounding copyright in India. 

While artwork is copyrighted upon creation, enforceability is a challenge without registration. 

This lack of registration can hinder actions against potential infringers.

The Personal Struggles Behind the Scenes

Sahigal sheds light on the immense effort of creating each piece of content, emphasizing the sting of seeing one’s hard work copied. 

“They might rip off my content,” Sahigal says, “but they can never truly replicate the essence of who I am.”

In this vast sea of creation and innovation, social media content creators continue to navigate the murky waters of inspiration, imitation, and identity, striving to establish their unique voices.

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