Instagram's Priorities for 2023 Encouraging Creativity, Discovering New Interests, and Sparking Connections

Instagram’s Priorities for 2023: Encouraging Creativity, New Interests, Connections

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, has shared his priorities for the platform in 2023

First, the priority is to inspire people to be creative through customization and editing tools, particularly in augmented reality (AR) and 3D creation.

The second priority is to help people discover things they love by shifting user behavior away from their current curated feed of posts from people and profiles they follow and towards a more TikTok-like experience where the best content from across the platform is highlighted based on the user’s interests. 

The third priority is to spark connections between people by encouraging more sharing and discussion of posts in direct messages and Stories rather than publicly on the main feed.

In an Instagram video posted by Adam Mosseri, he captioned the following:

“We bring people together over the things that they love. To do that, we are going to focus on three things:

– Inspire people to be creative

– Help people discover things they love

– Spark connections between people

Thank you all for making Instagram what it is today. See you in the New Year! ✌🏼”

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