Instagram Tests New 'Memory' Story Prompts to Boost User Engagement

Instagram Tests New ‘Memory’ Story Prompts to Boost User Engagement

Instagram is testing a new way to prompt users to share old posts.

Instagram – Memory

A “Memory” Story prompt now appears in some user feeds, allowing users to re-share previous stories from around the same date.

This is similar to Facebook’s “On this day” prompts and is meant to encourage more engagement within the app.

However, it could also be a sign that Instagram engagement is in decline.

In 2015, Facebook was facing a decline in content sharing and personal posts.

In response, Facebook added more “On this day” and memories prompts to spark engagement and interaction with past updates.

By 2017, over 60 million Facebook users were visiting their “On This Day” page daily, and 155 million had opted to receive notifications for the feature.

Instagram could be trying to do the same.

“Instagram could be trying to rekindle user engagement and get people posting personal updates instead of just consuming recommended videos with the new ‘Memory’ Story prompt.”

Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, has already acknowledged that personal sharing has switched from the main feed to Stories and DMs.

This new feature is a way to maintain user engagement and get people to post personal updates instead of consuming recommended videos.

Instagram is still seeing growth in Reels engagement, and its AI content recommendations are helping to drive more engagement.

However, fewer people post personal updates on both Facebook and Instagram, while usage of Instagram Stories is also down 10% from previous levels.

This new feature could be a push to re-engage user sharing and get people to post.

Facebook’s Nostalgic ‘On This Day’ Feature

Facebook’s ‘On this day’ feature, which inspired Instagram’s ‘Memory’ Story prompt, has been known to bring up bittersweet memories for users.

People have reported tears of joy and sadness as they relive old moments from their past, shared on the social media platform.

While the feature has sparked more engagement and interaction, it has also shown the emotional impact that social media can have on our lives.

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