Instagram Threads Introduces Trending Topics in Rivalry with X

Instagram Threads Introduces Trending Topics in Rivalry with X

Instagram Threads unveils a ‘Trends’ feature, aiming to rival X (formerly Twitter). Can this new update bridge the gap between the two platforms?

Threads is gearing up to introduce its ‘Trends‘ feature. This move, many believe, is a bid to be on par with X

This update was first spotted when an employee from Threads unintentionally shared a screenshot showing a list of trending topics. 

Each topic had a number showcasing how many discussions, or “threads,” revolved around it.

The inadvertent post caught the attention of a user named Willian Max, who believes the screenshot was meant exclusively for an internal feed used by Meta employees. 

Media outlets like 9to5Mac and Mashable have already reported on this upcoming feature.

Interestingly, the leaked image highlighted Drake’s new album ranking first among other trending topics, such as Billboard’s Latin Music Week and Disney+’s release of Loki Season 2. 

However, as of now, Instagram has chosen to remain silent about the reports.

Threads’ approach to trending topics slightly varies from X. 

For instance, while X offers segmented trending lists like News, Sports, and Entertainment, Threads offers a consolidated list. 

This addition is viewed as Threads’ attempt to capitalize on the ever-changing landscape of the Elon Musk-led microblogging platform.

Threads is one of many platforms trying to carve out its niche against X; it faces competition from other emerging platforms like the open-source Mastodon, Jack Dorsey‘s app Bluesky, and startups like Pebble and Spill.

Threads’ Journey and Challenges

Threads experienced a meteoric rise after its launch on July 5, amassing 100 million users faster than any predecessor. 

However, this success was short-lived, with a subsequent decline in user engagement. 

In response, the Threads team has been proactive, introducing several features, such as a chronological feed, profile switching, and a search function. 

However, despite these efforts, Threads has struggled to position itself as a hub for real-time conversations, a niche that X dominates.

The Information highlighted internal debates regarding how much Threads should delve into news, given the challenges of handling the dissemination of controversial and potentially false news, an issue parent company Meta faced with Facebook. 

Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, clarified their stance, saying, “We are not anti-news. We are simply trying to avoid over-promising and under-delivering.”

The cautious approach Threads has adopted toward news content is evident. The platform has restricted search terms like “covid,” “vaccination,” “sex,” and “gore,” as reported by The Washington Post. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, expressed his desire for Threads to be a platform that encourages positive discussions, contrasting X, which he believes often leans toward negativity.

However, focusing solely on “good vibes” might not be the ticket for Threads to rival X. 

News topics, by nature, invite robust reactions and debates.

Looking Ahead

Whether the introduction of ‘Trends’ will attract users from X to Threads remains to be determined. 

Other anticipated features, like the web app launch, have not significantly shifted user preferences. 

Data metrics from Similarweb and show a decline in Threads’ user base, with X still holding a strong lead.

In conclusion, only time will tell if Threads’ efforts in introducing new features will help it stand toe-to-toe with platforms like X.

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