YouTube Bolsters Creator Economy in India

YouTube Bolsters Creator Economy in India

At the “Made on YouTube” event, CEO Neal Mohan emphasized YouTube’s commitment to the creator economy in India and introduced innovative AI tools like “Dream Screen” to enhance content creation.

Neal Mohan: Championing Creators 

New York – At the recent “Made on YouTube” event, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan spoke passionately about the role and importance of creators in driving the platform’s success. 

Our job is to build a stage for them (creators) and build all of these amazing tools. It is they who do the magic and bring the audience online.” 

Mohan shared, highlighting the centrality of creators to the platform’s ethos.

Explosive Growth in India 

The rising engagement of YouTube in India can be attributed to the burgeoning creator economy in the region.

With India emerging as one of YouTube’s largest and fastest-growing markets, the creator ecosystem is thriving more than ever. 

As of 2023, YouTube, an Alphabet-owned company, boasts an impressive 574.28 million active users in India.

Neal Mohan opines, “I think the key to growth is a generation of online users who have known nothing other than their mobile phones.” 

For these users, YouTube is a primary conduit to connect with communities and diverse content, spurring the virtuous cycle between creators and viewers.

Engaging with the Creator Community 

As the event unfolded, Mohan and eminent Google executives shed light on the company’s roadmap for the creator economy. 

The focus is not merely on sporadic engagement but on establishing consistent touchpoints with creators. 

Many of our product teams have direct relationships with creators built up through trust over many years. That is what makes YouTube unique.” 

Mohan commented, emphasizing YouTube’s distinctive position in the creator space.

Competing fiercely with platforms like TikTok and Instagram, YouTube remains resolute in its commitment to eminent influencers and emerging creators.

“We are the largest and original creator economy out there,” stated Mohan, reaffirming the platform’s foundational vision.

Innovations on the Horizon 

An exciting revelation from the event was YouTube’s aggressive foray into generative artificial intelligence. 

To attract and retain creators, the platform introduced “Dream Screen,” an innovative tool that empowers creators to generate AI-driven videos and photos for their short-form content. 

For instance, if creators envision a “dragon flying over New York,” a simple prompt is all it takes for the AI to conjure the corresponding video.


In summary, with its unyielding support for the creator economy and cutting-edge innovations, YouTube remains poised to shape the future of content creation, especially in high-growth markets like India.

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