Jake Young in Moana Bikini's Campaign Sparks Backlash

Jake Young in Moana Bikini’s Campaign Sparks Backlash

Jake Young models in Moana Bikini’s gender-inclusive campaign, sparking significant backlash and redefining swimwear norms.

Recently, an Australian swimsuit company named Moana Bikini made a surprising move. 

They chose a man, Jake Young, to model a woman’s swimsuit in a video on Instagram

This swimsuit was a stylish, white one-piece costing $130. 

The company, owned by a famous person who supports feeling good about your body, Karina Irby, did not expect what happened next.

People React: Some Upset, Some Happy

Right after the video was posted, people had a lot to say. 

Many customers were shocked and upset. 

They could not understand why a man was modeling a woman’s swimsuit. Some even said they would stop buying from Moana Bikini. 

They felt like the company was not supporting women like it used to.

However, not everyone was mad. 

Some people stood up for the brand. 

They said the angry comments were unfair and mean. 

These supporters liked that Moana Bikini was trying to include everyone and break old-fashioned rules.

The Company’s Answer

Karina Irby and her company did not back down. 

Since 2011, Moana Bikini has tried to make everyone feel good about themselves, no matter their body type. 

She suggested that people getting mad might want to think about why they feel that way.

Jake Young, the model in the video, also spoke up. 

He talked about the importance of including different kinds of people and said the negative comments were more about the people writing them than him.

Not Just Moana Bikini: Another Brand’s Similar Story

This kind of thing happened before with another swimwear company in Australia, Seafolly. 

They worked with Deni Todorović, who does not identify as a man or a woman. 

Like Moana Bikini, Seafolly got mixed reactions from people.

Moana Bikini Moving Forward

After all this, someone from Moana Bikini said they were surprised people focused so much on just one video. 

The company has encouraged women for 12 years and said it will always welcome everyone, no matter who they are.

In Short

What Moana Bikini did is a big deal in the world of fashion. 

It shows that things are changing. 

The company wants to include everyone and break old rules about who can wear what. 

Not everyone will like this, but they believe being open and welcoming to all kinds of people is important.

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