Complete Details of Japanese Avantgardey Dance Group Members, Choreographer, Company

Complete Details of Japanese Avantgardey Dance Group: Members, Choreographer, Company

Meet Avantgardey Dance Group, Japan’s beautiful all-female ensemble. Led by the dynamic choreographer Akane. Check out the Members Profile.


Japan, where tradition and discipline meet modernity, has always been a productive ground for unique creative expressions. 

Among these, the Avantgardey Dance Group has carved a niche, entertaining audiences with its traditional, creative, and modern blend. 

In the post, we will learn more about this dance group called Avant-Gardey, aka Avantgardey.

A Japanese dance group known for its breathtaking performances and girls in school uniform bobbed group.

This group reminds us of The Vixens Crew: 7 Dancers from Bengaluru

Akane Choreographer 

Before telling more about the dance group, let us tell you about the Choreographer of Avantgardey Dance Group. 

The choreographer of this Japanese dance group is Akane.

Akane’s journey is inspiring; she is energetic and not limited to only choreography but is involved in multiple large projects worldwide.

The latest one is with America’s Got Talentaka AGT.

As of 2024, she has already established herself as more than just a dance coach. 

In 2017, Akane introduced the world to “Bubbly Dance” on YouTube. 

This was not just any dance video; it was a wonder which made people talk about it. 

It has gained over 100 million views worldwide, and people went crazy for those dance moments.

Bubbly Dance became popular in Japan and everywhere, especially in countries like India.

Every school function in Southeast Asian countries started to make these dance moves for their students.

That is the magic of Akane – the choreographer behind the Avantgardey Dance Group. 

As 2024 unfolds, she continues pushing boundaries and working hard, and Akane inspires us with her extraordinary talent and vision.

Avantgardey Dance Group

Avantgardey, an all-female Japanese dance team originally started with 19 members, was formed in 2022 by its producer and choreographer, Akane.

Avantgardey, managed by New Mode Co., Ltd. and established on November 18, 2021, the present CEO is Yuiko Hirata, and the company offers a range of services in:

  • Dance
  • Casting
  • Event Planning 
  • Production
  • Video Production

For inquiries or further information, they can be reached at [email protected].

This Avantgardey dance group has gained international popularity, particularly on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where they are celebrated as a “mysterious uniform-bobbed group.” “girls in Bobbed,” “Japanese school girls dance,” “uniform girls,”

Their unique style, characterized by school uniforms and bobbed hair, intrigues their performances and brand identity.

The team’s fame skyrocketed, especially after a standout performance with DJ Steve Aoki in January 2023, propelling them into the global spotlight. 

The dance group has over 2 million followers on its social media channels, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Personal profiles of Avantgardey members also have many followers, which is a really good number, and the exact follower count is in the following section.

They have showcased their talent in popular competitions, reaching the finals in the first season of Japan’s Got Talent and consistently performing well in The Dance Day competitions in 2022 and 2023.

Their appearance on “America’s Got Talent” reflects their ambition to compete at a high level and share their unique Japanese cultural essence with a global audience. 

Avantgardey Members

Avantgradey members are those flowers of beautiful gardens that you enjoy watching them. 

Each member is unique and beautiful in their way.

One thing to notice about the performance is that they complement each other’s moves, and there is no ego clash for placements. 

The famous slip and moment is appreciated very much by the dance. Professionals.

Every next Avantgardey Member gets a chance to showcase their skills, and overall, their teamwork is very good. 

Keep reading further to check each member in detail, and here is the list of Avantgardey Members:

  1. Nona
  2. Pani
  3. Moca
  4. Fuka
  5. Seira
  6. Nagano
  7. Rico
  8. Ayane
  9. Oya
  10. Sono
  11. Aoi
  12. Harune
  13. Miyuu
  14. Macchan
  15. Aimu
  16. Kotone
  17. Kohana
  18. Chacha
  19. Ui

Avantgardey Members Profiles

NonaThe funny girl on the team, Nona.Instagram, Tiktok
PaniCutie of the dance team.Instagram, Tiktok
MocaHappy go, Moca. The smiling beauty.Instagram, Tiktok
FukaShe likes food.Instagram, Tiktok
SeiraHere, moves are just Wow!Instagram, Tiktok
NaganoTeam player.Instagram, Tiktok
RicoLovable moves.Instagram, Tiktok
AyaneHeart of Avantgardey.Instagram, Tiktok
OyaInstagram girl, the addicted.Instagram, Tiktok
SonoShe wants more followers.Instagram, Tiktok
AoiSelfie Queen of Avantgardey.Instagram, Tiktok
HaruneLoves to read.Instagram, Tiktok
MiyuuMost celebrated on America’s Got Talent.Instagram, Tiktok
MacchanRising star of Avantgardey team.Instagram, Tiktok
AimuAimu loves to travelInstagram, Tiktok
KotoneHer poses are very goodInstagram, Tiktok
kohanaBaby doll.Instagram, Tiktok
ChachaWe love her.Instagram, Tiktok
UIThe cutest of all.Instagram, Tiktok





















In conclusion, the Avantgardey Dance Group is making every effort to provide entertainment, with choreographer Akane going above and beyond to maintain a fresh approach. 

The support of New Mode Co., Ltd. and its CEO, Yuiko Hirata, is making a difference, and we can see a bright future.

Our best wishes are extended to them for their future endeavors, and we request you to drop your best wishes for the group in the comment section below.

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  1. My daughter was a dancer, I followed her career through shows and competitions and I learnt to spot a brilliant dancer when I saw one. Avantgardey are all brilliant dancers. They look like a group of clockwork dolls with computer chip accuracy and Swiss watch timing that have a escaped to spread their dance to the world. Keep up the good work ladies. I hope that you will perform in the UK in the future so my daughter and I can see your show.

  2. It was by chance that I came across this AGT and as I have been a dancer myself from Ballroom & Latin to Disco, even doing robotics in a HMV shop window, I saw this group of Japanese girls and was a little nervous at first to see what a large group of dancers can do, and they totally blew my mind, the timing was unbelievable everything about the movements were truly exceptional, and I really can’t stop watching their routines….I watched dance groups for many a year and not one can compare to these girls, there a breath of fresh air, and maybe other dance groups can take note on how coordination is vital, like a mirror image of yourself and everything matches, every movement….. Please don’t stop girls it’s so great to see a new style of Japanese soul

  3. I Love you, avantgardey, you are magical! So creative and different, an
    Beautiful! When is your show coming to the uk? (Manchester Arena, PLEASE!!!)

  4. How do we get these fantastic girls the shot they deserve to shoot them into super star dome? Fantastic, fun, entertaining, cute as can be and i can watch them dance every day.. LOVE THEM!

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