The Vixens Crew 7 Dancers from Bengaluru - Anushka, Bhavana, Vibha, Medha, Renee, Megha, Ketaki

The Vixens Crew: 7 Dancers from Bengaluru – Anushka, Bhavana, Vibha, Medha, Renee, Megha, Ketaki

Meet The Vixens Crew, a dynamic all-girl dance team from Bengaluru. With their unique creativity and bond, they are sparking a revolution in street dance. 

The Vixens Crew

All Girls Crew from Bangalore 🦊, Karnataka – India

A Space for Freedom and Creativity

In the bustling streets of BengaluruIndia, a dynamic group of young women known as The Vixens Crew makes waves with their unique and energetic dance performances. 

This all-girl crew has carved out a niche for themselves, not just as dancers but as trendsetters determined to express their individuality and creativity. 

This group reminds us of Japanese Avantgardey Dance Group.

“It is our space to grow and be our unique selves — to create trends, not follow,” they proudly claim, showcasing their commitment to innovation and self-expression.

Unity in Diversity

Formed in January 2023, The Vixens Crew is a seven-member crew comprised of AnushkaBhavanaVibhaMedhaReneeMegha, and Ketaki.

They share a common vision: to use dance as a platform for freedom and self-showcase. 

“The Vixens Crew is a projection of freedom with the goal of creating a dance platform to showcase ourselves. We can share our energy, especially while performing, coordinating, and hyping each other up. It is overall more impactful being a group,” they explain. 

Their performances are about dancing together and supporting and elevating each other’s talents.

Inspiring the Masses

The group’s popularity has skyrocketed since its debut, earning it invitations to perform across India. 

Its goal is to inspire its audience by breaking down barriers in dance and encouraging full self-expression. 

“We hope to make our audience feel motivated and inspired and make them believe there are no restrictions in dance — they can express themselves completely,” the crew members say, reflecting their mission to motivate and inspire.

Making a Cultural Impact

The Vixens Crew is recognized as one of the 24 young, unique difference-makers sparking change in today’s cultural scene. 

Their journey highlights the power of collective creativity and the impact of pursuing one’s passions fearlessly. 

Through their innovative performances, they entertain and challenge conventional norms, encouraging a new generation to express themselves boldly.

The Vixens Crew Members Profiles

AnushkaAnushka captivates with grace, turning movements into stories.Instagram
BhavanaBhavana ignites the stage with electrifying energy.Instagram
VibhaVibha mesmerizes with her precise, intricate dance patterns.Instagram
MedhaMedha touches hearts with her deeply expressive performances.Instagram
ReneeRenee combines strength and elegance in every move.Instagram
MeghaMegha’s radiant energy spreads joy in every dance.Instagram
KetakiKetaki’s creativity magically blends tradition with the new.Instagram









The Vixens Crew’s story is a testament to the power of unity, creativity, and determination. 

By blending their talents with a shared vision, they have created a platform that transcends the conventional boundaries of dance. 

As they continue to captivate audiences and inspire change, The Vixens Crew stands as a symbol of empowerment and inspiration for those daring to dream and express themselves freely.

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