Franklin Moore Biography Rachel Dolezal's Son

Franklin Moore Biography: Rachel Dolezal’s Son

Learn about Franklin Moore, Rachel Dolezal’s son, and his life beyond the headlines. Get insights into his age, background, and personal story.

Franklin Moore

In the ever-evolving discourse on racial identity and ethics in public leadership, Franklin Moore emerges as a figure of interest not for controversies of his own making but as the biological son of Rachel Dolezal. 

Dolezal’s identification as black despite being born to white parents has sparked national debates, and her recent dismissal from a school district for controversial activities has only intensified the scrutiny on her and, by extension, her family. 

This post delves into Franklin Moore’s life, his background, the influence of his mother’s public image, and his journey amidst the complexities.

Franklin Moore: At a Glance

Real NameFranklin Moore
Nick NameFranklin
Age (as of 2024)22 years old
BirthdayOctober 21, 2002
BirthplaceLincoln County, Montana, U.S.
ParentsRachel Dolezal and Kevin Moore
Marital StatusUnmarried

Franklin Moore’s life is inherently intertwined with his mother’s controversial figure. 

Born on October 21, 2002, in Lincoln CountyMontanaFranklin has navigated his identity amidst public debates over his mother’s racial identification. 

Despite the controversies, Franklin has pursued a path of his own as a Physiology major, embracing his journey into adulthood with the support and love of his family.

Family Background and Early Life

Franklin Moore’s family tree is as complex as it is diverse. 

His mother, Rachel Dolezal, has been a polarizing figure due to her racial identification and recent controversies. 

His father, Kevin Moore, and his grandparents, Ruthanne and Lawrence Larry” Dolezal, who are of GermanCzech, and Swedish origin, provide a multicultural backdrop to his upbringing. 

Franklin grew up in a family that included adopted siblings of African-American and Haitian descent, offering him a unique perspective on racial and familial dynamics.

The Influence of Rachel Dolezal’s Public Image

The public image of Rachel Dolezal has undoubtedly impacted Franklin Moore. 

Her identification as black, despite her white ancestry, and her recent dismissal from a school district for creating controversial content have made headlines. 

This has raised questions about ethics, identity, and the consequences of public figures’ actions on their families. 

Franklin, however, has maintained a relatively low profile, focusing on his studies and personal growth away from the public eye.

Franklin Moore Today

As of 2024, Franklin Moore is a 22-year-old college student majoring in Physiology. 

His mother’s Instagram post on his 22nd birthday paints a picture of a young man cherished by his family, celebrated for his journey from childhood to adulthood. 

Despite the controversies surrounding his mother, Franklin’s path reflects a desire to carve out his identity, informed but not overshadowed by his mother’s choices.


Franklin Moore’s life story is a testament to the complexity of family dynamics and identity in the public eye.

As the son of Rachel Dolezal, he has navigated his path with a backdrop of controversy and public debate. 

However, Franklin’s journey into adulthood and academic pursuits speak to his resilience and the multifaceted nature of identity beyond the shadow of familial controversies. 

As he continues, Franklin Moore represents a narrative of growth, learning, and pursuing personal identity amidst public scrutiny.

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