From Corporate Struggles to Entrepreneurial Success The Journey of Jungie Gumiran

From Corporate Struggles to Entrepreneurial Success: The Journey of Jungie Gumiran

Explore Jungie Gumiran’s inspiring journey from corporate struggles to founding JUJU Lifestyle, a top brand in wellness supplements. 


Jungie Gumiran

Jungie Gumiran was once a regular employee in the corporate world, facing numerous setbacks in various companies. 

However, he transformed his life through digital marketing and e-commerce, becoming a freelance expert in Facebook Ads and helping startups evolve into powerful brands.

Today, Jungie is the founder and CEO of JUJU Lifestyle, a health and wellness company he built from scratch. 

As a skincare and self-care enthusiast, he struggled to maintain a skincare routine until he discovered the convenience of effervescent tablets. 

This innovation inspired him to develop his line of effervescent supplements, making wellness easy and accessible.


JUJU Lifestyle: A Wellness Revolution

JUJU Lifestyle specializes in effervescent tablets, including the flagship product, JUJU Collagen, which garnered over 13 million views on TikTok within six months of its launch. 

Jungie’s vision is to integrate wellness and self-care into people’s daily routines. 

The JUJU Effervescent line includes Collagen, Glutathione, Slimming, and Sports supplements designed for convenience and portability.


Sales Performance

JUJU Collagen has achieved remarkable success, with 10,000 5-star reviews on Shopee and Lazada and thousands of positive video reviews on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. 

The product is also set to launch at Watsons this year.


Digital Presence and Partnerships

JUJU Lifestyle maintains a strong digital presence by partnering with fitness and lifestyle influencers to promote the brand across all social media platforms. 

This strategy has helped the brand reach a wider audience, especially those seeking self-care solutions.


Jungie Gumiran: A Marketing Maestro

Besides his success with JUJU Lifestyle, Jungie is a renowned marketing specialist, communication expert, and entrepreneur

He consults for multibillion-dollar companies like Sun Life, TCL, and Keller Williams. 

Additionally, he founded the AdsLevelUp program, coaching thousands of freelancers and business owners in the Philippines on leveraging online advertising.

Jungie’s expertise extends to his role as a marketing and brand executive at Click Licensing Asia, where he oversees the performance of lifestyle, fashion, and character brands such as NBA, One Piece, Pokémon, Larva, Wingcle Bear, BLIZZARD (World of Warcraft & Overwatch), and Legendary (Warcraft Movie) across Southeast Asia and Korea.

Jungie Gumiran’s journey from corporate struggles to entrepreneurial success is an inspiring example of resilience and innovation. 

His dedication to making wellness accessible and his impact on the digital marketing landscape highlight his remarkable achievements.


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