Tata Neu's #RuknaKyun Campaign Amplifies IPL Buzz with Creators

Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun Campaign Amplifies IPL Buzz with Creators

Join the IPL excitement with Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun campaign, featuring fun challenges and creative content from your favorite influencers.


Tata Neu

Mumbai, India – To generate excitement ahead of the TATA IPL season, Tata Neu has launched the #RuknaKyun campaign, positioning the brand as the ultimate “enabler of endless celebrations.” 

In collaboration with Schbang, this effort sees Tata Neu engaging with fans through a series of creative and comedic videos.

The #RuknaKyun campaign, which means “Why stop?” invites fans to keep celebrating every moment of the IPL season with Tata Neu. 

As the Associate Partner for this year’s Tata IPL, Tata Neu aims to captivate audiences with continuous celebration and engagement.

To build anticipation, Tata Neu released a series of videos featuring popular creators like Aatman Desai, Unnati Malharkar, Rochelle Rao, Tejas Patil, and Vogue Vanity. 

The influencers take on humorous challenges in these videos, attempting to create their usual content amidst the IPL excitement. 

The twist? 

Their routines come to a “pause,” symbolizing a shift from their regular categories and building the narrative for the campaign’s central theme: ‘Why stop?’ or # RuknaKyun.

Expanding on the pre-buzz videos, Tata Neu partnered with Schbang Motion Pictures to produce a vibrant music video featuring the same creators. 

This video showcases a “category swap,” bringing influencers from various genres together to highlight the campaign’s message of limitless celebration.

Sushant Vithaldas, Head of Business Operations at Schbang Bangalore, shared his enthusiasm about the campaign:

“As the Tata IPL season unfolds, Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun campaign emerges as a beacon of boundless celebration nationwide. At Schbang, we are happy to have played a pivotal role in crafting this electrifying campaign, pushing the boundaries of creativity and engagement. Through innovative storytelling and dynamic collaborations, we have woven a tapestry of excitement that resonates deeply with fans nationwide. This campaign is not just about Tata Neu—it’s about igniting passion, sparking curiosity, and inviting everyone to embrace the spirit of limitless celebration.”

Sushant Vithaldas

Tata Neu’s #RuknaKyun campaign effectively captures the spirit of the IPL season by encouraging fans to celebrate every moment without pause. 

The campaign highlights Tata Neu’s commitment to enhancing the IPL experience for fans across India through strategic collaborations and engaging content. 

As the season progresses, this campaign is set to keep the excitement alive, inviting everyone to join in the boundless celebration.


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