Instagram Introduces Exciting New Features to Stories

Instagram Introduces Exciting New Features to Stories

Explore Instagram’s new Stories features, such as ‘Reveal,’ ‘Add Yours Music,’ ‘Frames,’ and ‘Cutouts,’ for fun, creative ways to connect with your followers.



Instagram has rolled out new features to enhance the ‘Stories’ experience, offering users engaging ways to connect with friends and followers on the platform. 

These additions aim to inspire creativity and deeper interaction while remaining user-friendly.


Unveil Hidden Content with ‘Reveal’

Among the new updates is ‘Reveal,’ a feature that lets users share a hidden Story that followers can uncover only by sending a direct message.

To access ‘Reveal,’ click the stickers icon when creating a Story, then select the ‘Reveal’ option.

After selecting the feature, users will be prompted to write a hint about the blurred content.

‘Preview’ icon on the screen’s bottom-left corner lets users see how the Story will appear to followers.

Once the Story is posted, followers must send a direct message to view its contents, although there is no need to approve each DM for the Story to be revealed.


Music Your Way with ‘Add Yours Music’

Another new feature, ‘Add Yours Music,’ allows users to share their current mood through music with followers. To use this feature:

  1. Click the stickers icon and tap ‘Add Yours Music.’
  2. After selecting it, click ‘+ / Add Music’ to choose a song from Instagram’s extensive music library.
  3. Followers can add their songs once the Story is live using the ‘Add Yours’ button.

Create Nostalgia with ‘Frames’

The ‘Frames’ feature transforms a photo into a virtual Polaroid for a nostalgic touch.

Followers can reveal the image by shaking their smartphones or by using the ‘Shake to reveal’ button.

The ‘Frames’ sticker automatically adds the date and timestamp of the image, while users can also add captions.


Get Creative with ‘Cutouts’

The ‘Cutouts’ feature lets users turn a part of any photo or video into a custom sticker to include in a Story or Reel. 

This is reminiscent of Apple’s image cutout tool, making it easy to ‘pick up’ an object from a picture or video and repurpose it creatively.

These features open up new opportunities for users and creators to engage meaningfully while personalizing their Instagram Stories.


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