Brian Oakes From Circuitry to Artistry

Brian Oakes: From Circuitry to Artistry

Discover the mesmerizing blend of art and technology in Brian Oakes’ sculptures, where custom circuitry transforms into tangible tales of emotion and introspection.

The Digital-Organic Fusion of @broakes, Aka Brian Oakes

Brian Oakes
Brian Oakes

In an era where the line between technology and art continues to blur, an interdisciplinary sculptor on Instagram @broakes, better known as Brian Oakes, is reshaping our understanding of both. 

Using custom printed circuit boards (PCBs), Brian Oakes crafts analog electronic artworks that create real-time light and sound spectacles.

A Unique Aesthetic Perspective

Brian Oakes
Brian Oakes

“Someone once described my work as somewhere between a computer-generated orchid and a screaming circuit phantom. I think of it as somewhere between ‘hyper robotic to the point of natural’ and ‘so organic that it becomes mechanical,'” says Brian Oakes, shedding light on his artistic vision.

His distinctive approach marries the abstract with the tangible as he ventures on a creative odyssey from “ephemeral promise” to “material destiny.”

From Subconscious Sketches to Permanent Pieces

Brian Oakes
Brian Oakes

Brian Oakes’ process is rooted in introspection. 

“I start by practicing the surrealist tradition of automatic drawing, where you let the drawing material take control,” he shares. This subconscious journey culminates in a unique end product: a bouquet of circuit boards designed with longevity in mind, crafted out of “permanent” materials.

Physical Systems or Living Entities?

Brian Oakes
Brian Oakes

Brian Oakes’ recent series offers a variety of forms – from freestanding structures to ceiling-suspended artworks. 

While many viewers perceive the standalone pieces as animate “creatures” and the hanging ones akin to “chandeliers,” Oakes views them differently. 

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“I think of them more as physical systems or vessels,” he clarifies.

Furthermore, these pieces are not mere static displays. 

They encompass interactive mechanisms.

 “Most of the pieces present a structure for random sampling and random recording,” Oakes describes. 

He highlights the profound reactions these artworks elicit, stating, “It elicits complex reactions from people when they realize the piece is repeating things back to them they said a minute ago.”


Brian Oakes
Brian Oakes

Brian Oakes’ art, a symphony of technology and organic form, beckons viewers to a world where circuitry breathes life and emotions. 

As we move further into a digitized age, artists like Oakes are crucial in reminding us of the seamless harmony between man and machine and the intrinsic nature of creativity.

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