Nemahsis Lyrics Over Vocal Prowess

Nemahsis: Lyrics Over Vocal Prowess

Blending Arabic scales with French pop, artist Nemahsis champions lyrical depth, celebrating her Palestinian roots and resonating with hijabi women worldwide.

The Essence of Authenticity in Music


In a world where vocal range often takes the spotlight, artist and songwriter Nemahsis begs to differ. 

“Lyrics are the most important part of my music. I want people to focus on what I am saying, not how well I can sing,” she passionately states.

A Blend of Cultural Influences


Having been a Palestinian born and raised in Canada, Nemahsis’s music uniquely blends the Arabic scale with the essence of French pop. 

However, the influence does not just stop at her musical tone. “Being a Palestinian born and raised in Canada, there are traces of the Arabic scale and the French pop I grew up with. These two influences tend to blend in my sound.”

She does not shy away from her identity. 

She leads with it, especially in an environment where her hijab often becomes the most dominant aspect of her persona. 

“I always volunteer my identity as Palestinian because being Muslim is obvious in my appearance wearing hijab, and many times it overpowers my existence,” she reflects.

Addressing the Void in Mainstream Music


The contemporary music industry often feels distant for many. 

Nemahsis recalls how the Eurocentric narratives of mainstream pop stars felt alien to her younger self. 

They sang of heartbreaks, but to her, a depth of pain was not being addressed.

“My younger self always had difficulty emotionally connecting to Eurocentric pop stars writing about heartbreak. There is so much privilege in heartbreak being the strongest pain you have endured,” she comments.

Acknowledging the absence of songs that narrate the experiences of hijabi women, Nemahsis realized she had a unique story to tell, a narrative millions could resonate with. 

“No one was writing about the experiences millions of hijabi women go through daily. I created a solution to a problem.”

Striking a Balance Between Depth and Popularity

It was not just about addressing the pain or filling a void. 

Nemahsis believes in honoring her younger self, who felt misunderstood by the music she heard. 

Now, she seeks to provide for others what she once yearned for.

“I felt as though I could not write popular music until I fulfilled the duties of honoring my younger self.”

However, she acknowledges the challenges of constantly producing music with depth and heavy concepts. 

She aspires to craft tracks that are light-hearted and universally relatable occasionally. 

“It is heavy creating conceptually freeing music — sometimes I just want to write a song that does not feel like a trauma dump,” she muses.

However, one thing remains consistent in Nemahsis’s approach to music — her unwavering honesty. “Honesty is all I strive for,” she concludes.

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