Willow Defebaugh's Heartfelt Musings on Change

Willow Defebaugh’s Heartfelt Musings on Change

Join Willow Defebaugh’s journey through nature’s metaphors, exploring how love and personal growth intertwine with environmental awareness.

Willow Defebaugh

Nature’s Hidden Lesson: The Caterpillar’s Tale

Have you ever wondered why we have caterpillars instead of butterflies flitting around? 

This intriguing question comes from Willow Defebaugh of Atmos magazine.

She has found a deeper meaning in the caterpillar’s journey to becoming a butterfly – nature’s beautiful story of transformation.

Who is Willow Defebaugh, Anyway?

She is writing words and putting them out on paper via poetry and stories.

She is at the helm of Atmos, a magazine that’s not just about climate change but how it is weaving into the fabric of our lives. 

She is all about getting us to sit up and see the world we are living in.

Ringing in the New Year with Reflection

As we say hello to another year, Willow looks at the caterpillar-to-butterfly change-up as more than a cool nature fact. 

It is a metaphor for our lives and how we can evolve as people and as a society. 

Her big takeaway? 

Let us be kinder – to ourselves, Mother Earth, and each other.

Love: The Game Changer

Willow tossed something: “What if we looked at every tough spot as a chance to up our love game?” 

She is not talking about the love here today, gone tomorrow. 

She talks about the deep, always-there kind of love, like how we are connected to nature. 

It is about rediscovering how to love – ourselves, our neighbors, our planet.

Life’s Big Transformation

Willow is getting at this: change is a huge part of life. 

It is not just about caterpillars and butterflies but also us. 

We are always growing, always becoming. 

Moreover, this journey is about love, understanding, and staying true to nature. 

If we can get on board with that, we are not just living – we are thriving, and so is the world.

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