Zoe Yu Toronto's Teen Fashion Icon

Zoe Yu: Toronto’s Teen Fashion Icon

Meet Zoe Yu, a 14-year-old teen from Toronto who teaches the world new fashion. She has a cool style; her videos and photos encourage teens to be themselves.

Zoe Yu

A 14-year-old model, actress, and content creator from Toronto, Canada, is making waves in the fashion world with her unique style. 

Known as @zoe.b3an on social media (Instagram), Zoe has a straightforward fashion philosophy, and she says: 

“I dress for myself. I wear what I love!” 

For Zoe, fashion is more than just clothes; it is a way to feel good, boost her confidence, and express her personality.

Zoe is vocal about her fashion sense in many public appearances. 

In fact, the official Instagram account has given a shoutout to her on their official account. 

She loves herself and believes her wardrobe should bring her joy and help her show the world who she is.

Her wardrobe and Instagram profile are independent and lively, and she uses filters on her Instagram photos that are very unique.

Zoe loves sharing her fashion fun on social media, where she has got a whopping 308K followers!

She is all about mixing it up with her outfits and hopes it will inspire her followers to try new looks.

However, being a teen influencer from Toronto is more than fashion tips for Zoe.

She is really into helping other girls feel confident and proud of who they are.

Zoe’s closet is full of awesome clothes, but the best part for her is hearing from other girls.

When girls tell Zoe she has inspired them to follow their dreams or feel great in their skin, it is a huge boost for her to keep making content.

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