Baby B3ns Crafting Musical Worlds in Berlin

Baby B3ns: Crafting Musical Worlds in Berlin

Discover Baby B3ns: Berlin’s musician shaping the zeitgeist with her unique blend of hyperpop, electronic music, and visual storytelling.

Baby B3ns

A Fresh Take on Music and Storytelling

In Berlin, a city celebrated for its dynamic music scene emerges an artist redefining what it means to be a musician. 

Meet Benita Banu, better known by her stage name, Baby B3ns.

She is not just making catchy tunes but creating entire worlds for her listeners to dive into with each song. 

Baby B3ns says, “Being a musician means more than just making music. It is about creating a whole new world around you.”

Beyond the Sound: A Visionary’s Approach

What sets Baby B3ns apart is her unique blend of music and visual storytelling. 

Her songs, a vibrant mix of electronic beats with a pop sensibility, often referred to as hyperpop, are just the beginning. 

With every track she writes, Baby B3ns also envisions a corresponding music video, a visual extension of the music. 

“I picture the music video in my mind as I write the song,” she explains. “It is like inviting people into a special world crafted just for that track.”

Inspirations That Shape a Unique Sound

Baby B3ns’s musical inspirations are as eclectic as her sound. 

Raised on a diet of electronic music, she also draws significant influence from early 2000s fashion and the fictional world of Hannah Montana. 

However, the club culture of Berlin leaves the most considerable mark on her music. 

The city’s unique energy and creativity inspired her to build her musical worlds. 

“Berlin has its special vibe, which drives me to create unique worlds with my songs,” she shares.

Making Waves as a Cultural Catalyst

Benita Banu, or Baby B3ns, is recognized among 24 young, innovative individuals making significant impacts and sparking cultural shifts. 

Her approach to music and fashion sets her apart and makes her a significant figure in shaping the cultural landscape. 

Through her work, Baby B3ns offers more than just music; she provides an immersive experience, inviting listeners into the worlds she creates with her artistry.

As Baby B3ns continues to experiment and evolve, her journey underscores the transformative power of music. 

In Berlin and beyond, she is not just playing songs but opening doors to new, imaginative worlds with every track.

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