Diana Marie Serrato Maranan - Remembering Yanalovesyouu A Tribute to a Beloved Author

Diana Marie Serrato Maranan – Remembering Yanalovesyouu: A Tribute to a Beloved Author

Remembering Yanalovesyouu, beloved author of “My Husband Is a Mafia Boss”—tribute to YanaJin’s impactful storytelling and enduring legacy.


The literary world is mourning the loss of Yanalovesyouu, a name synonymous with captivating storytelling and emotional depth. 

Her untimely death has left a void in the hearts of readers and fellow authors alike, as we remember her not just for the stories she told but for the spirit and joy she brought to her work and those who knew her.

Who Was Yanalovesyouu?

Yanalovesyouu, known outside her literary persona as YanaJin, was an author who found joy and purpose in weaving tales that touched the hearts of many. 

Her most famous work, My Husband Is a Mafia Boss, is a testament to her creativity and ability to connect with readers personally.

Yanalovesyouu: At a Glance

Real NameDiana Marie Serrato Maranan
Age at Time of DeathIn her 50s
Known ForAuthor of My Husband Is a Mafia Boss
Personality TraitsPositive thinker, kind, jolly, super friendly, sweet, childish, accident prone, slowpoke
PassionsLoved Barbie dolls
Social Media Influence60K followers on her Facebook page

The Impact of Her Work

Yanalovesyouu’s My Husband Is a Mafia Boss is more than just a story; it is an adventure into the life of Aemie, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary heart. 

This narrative, rich with emotion and depth, showcases Yanalovesyouu’s ability to create relatable, lovable characters who resonate with readers long after they turn the last page. 

Her work, available on Google Books, continues to inspire and entertain, ensuring her legacy will endure.

Her Legacy and Final Goodbye

The news of Yanalovesyouu’s passing was shared in a heart-wrenching post on her Facebook page, ‘Yanalovesyouu’s Stories’, revealing the depth of loss felt by her community. It read:

“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our beloved author, friend, sister, and mother, Diana Marie Serrato Maranan, has passed away this morning. 

Further details regarding her passing will not be disclosed to her family to let them grieve in private. We appreciate your understanding and humbly ask everyone to pray for eternal repose.”

Memorial Service Details

LocationFilipinas Funeral Homes, Hilltop Road, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City
Request from FamilyPrivacy in grieving and prayers for eternal repose

Yanalovesyouu’s death is a profound loss, felt not just within the literary community but by anyone who had the privilege of experiencing her work or warmth in person. 

As we reflect on her contributions and the joy she brought into our lives, we are reminded of the power of storytelling to connect, heal, and inspire.

In memory of Yanalovesyouu, let us revisit her stories, celebrate her life, and carry forward her love and passion for literature and life. 

Her stories will continue to be a source of comfort and inspiration, a fitting tribute to a remarkable soul whose legacy will not be forgotten.

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