EKKSTACY From Obscurity to Musical Luminary

EKKSTACY From Obscurity to Musical Luminary

Discover the musical journey of EKKSTACY, an artist who transcends conventional genres, blending indie, punk, and shoegaze. Explore his path from a Vancouver 9-to-5 to LA’s vibrant stages, powered by impulsiveness and a passion for uniting audiences in joyful experiences.



In an intimate and revealing moment, the intriguingly unconventional musician EKKSTACY shares his journey from self-doubt to self-assurance in music.

Sometimes I think I am not goated, but then I take a step back, and I am, like, wait — I am goated,” expresses EKKSTACY, the mind behind some refreshingly unique beats and melodies. 

The artist has found solace and purpose through his musical endeavors, resonating with a sound that marries elements of indie, punk, and shoegaze, among others.

A Journey Begun on a Grandma’s Computer


EKKSTACY’s voyage into the world of music is as unconventional as his sound. 

It all began in the most unassuming corners of his grandma’s computer, where he started crafting beats as a mid-teen. 

A collision with adversity at 16 paved the way for his singing and recording journey. 

Transformative experiences shaped his music, with tracks like “I walk this earth all by Myself” catapulting him from the mundane 9-to-5 in Vancouver to LA’s vibrant and eclectic music scenes.

Embracing Impulsiveness: A Philosophy of Freedom


What makes EKKSTACY stand out is his unique sound and his organic approach to music and life. “I am not trying to do anything or force anything, and I am the most impulsive person I know. I do what I want at the moment.” Such a philosophy drives his art, allowing a flow of genuine creativity devoid of over-calculated moves or forced productions.

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Uniting Through Music: Creating Happy Moments

EKKSTACY thrives on connection, valuing the shared experiences and happiness that his music brings to his audience. 

He finds joy in seeing people come together, united in fun and happiness, under the umbrella of his musical creations. 

In his words, witnessing “1,000 kids having fun” at his shows is a testament to the powerful impact of his musical craft, confirming that he has indeed ‘done that.’

In a world where the music industry often seems overly manufactured and formulaic, EKKSTACY’s spontaneous, heart-led approach presents fresh air, inspiring authenticity and spontaneous zest for life and music.

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