Snapchat Enables Users to Pause Snap Streaks A New Feature to Maintain Friendships

Snapchat Enables Users to Pause Snap Streaks: A New Feature to Maintain Friendships

Snapchat introduces a new feature that lets users pause their Snap Streaks. 

The popular feature, which involves sending a snap to a friend every 24 hours, is essential to many Snapchat users. 

However, the company now allows users to take a break and pause their streaks without worrying about losing them. 

During the testing phase, users can pause one Streak for free.

Snapchat stated that a lost Snap Streak does not mean the friendship has faded. 

So, to help users reignite their spark, the company is testing a new feature that lets them restore one Streak for free with just one tap. 

Furthermore, users can add more Streak Restores straight from the app, which costs 99 cents per pause in the US. 

However, Snapchat+ users will soon be able to freeze their streaks and have to pay to maintain them.

Snapchat currently has more than 750 million monthly active users, with over 2.5 million paid users. 

The company made several announcements for creators and developers during its Investor Day event in February. 

For example, it is bringing ray tracing technology to developers to make lenses with realistic effects. 

Additionally, it has rolled out features to make it easier for creators to use licensed sounds for their snaps.

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