Berkshire's Inspirational Influencer Molly Watt's Journey to Prestige

Berkshire’s Inspirational Influencer: Molly Watt’s Journey to Prestige

Meet Molly Watt, a deaf and blind influencer making waves in Berkshire by championing digital accessibility and raising awareness of Usher Syndrome. Now, she has been honoured with a prestigious award nomination.

Molly Watt

In an era where social media bridges gaps and fosters communities, Molly Watt, a deaf and blind influencer from Berkshire, has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and advocacy. 

Recognized for her remarkable contributions to making digital spaces more accessible, Molly has been shortlisted for a prestigious award, celebrating her tireless efforts in enhancing website and social media content accessibility.

Molly Watt: A Portrait of Resilience and Influence

Molly Watt, 29, lives with Usher Syndrome, a genetic condition that impacts hearing, balance, and vision.

Born deaf and beginning to lose her sight at 12, Molly navigated a daunting journey towards severe sight impairment by the age of 14.

Turning adversity into advocacy, she began blogging about her experiences, sharing her life with Usher Syndrome.

Molly Watt’s Journey

12Began losing sight
14Registered as severely sight impaired
PresentInfluential advocate and influencer

Molly’s professional and personal endeavours reflect her commitment to accessibility. Working with Nexer Digital, a human-centred website design agency, she is crucial in advising clients on enhancing online accessibility.

Beyond her professional contributions, she co-runs the Molly Watt Trust, a charity dedicated to raising awareness of Usher Syndrome and facilitating access to assistive technology.

Social Media Impact and Advocacy

Under the handles MollyWattTalks and MollyWattTrust, Molly has cultivated a vibrant online presence across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, and TikTok.

A testament to her influence, a video featuring her guide dog Bella at a London Underground station amassed over six million views, highlighting the everyday realities and challenges faced by the deafblind community.

Social Media Milestones

TikTok4 million
Total6 million+

Molly’s advocacy extends beyond her narrative, shining a light on the transformative potential of assistive technology.

Her journey with Apple products, which started with the discovery of text zooming features, has made her a vocal proponent of technological solutions that enhance independence and quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Achievements and Aspirations

Molly’s influence and expertise have led her to collaborate with major brands like the BBCSpotify, and ASOS on accessibility projects.

Her insights and experiences have graced stages worldwide, including a notable TedX talk with the NHS on overcoming healthcare barriers.

At the heart of Molly’s content is a desire to dispel myths about deafblindness and advocate for a more inclusive and understanding society.

Her efforts have garnered significant media attention and paved the way for her to share her story and insights through platforms like Sky News, BBC Ouch, and Metro.

As Molly anticipates the arrival of her first child, her dedication to advocacy remains unwavering.

Being shortlisted for the award is not just a personal achievement but a moment of validation for years of advocacy, a testament to the power of resilience, and an inspiration for her community and the wider public.

Molly Watt’s message is clear: despite the challenges posed by deafblindness, the potential to lead a fulfilling and impactful life is boundless. Molly continues illuminating paths for others through her work, advocating for accessibility, understanding, and empowerment.


Molly Watt’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact that determination, advocacy, and technology can have in overcoming barriers.

As she stands on the precipice of receiving a prestigious accolade, her journey inspires us all and highlights the significant strides being made towards a more accessible and inclusive digital world.

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