Kelly Uchima and Carly Lynn Discuss Empathy and Wellness on Disconnect to Reconnect

Kelly Uchima and Carly Lynn Discuss Empathy and Wellness on Disconnect to Reconnect

Join Kelly Uchima’s journey: transforming Instagram into a haven for mental wellness and gearing up for an exciting wellness project in March.

Kelly Uchima: Turning Social Media Into a Space of Comfort

Social media often gets a bad rap for making us feel disconnected, but Kelly Uchima is changing that narrative. 

Her recent chat on the “Disconnect to Reconnect” podcast, hosted by Carly Lynn from Meta, highlighted her mission: ensuring no one feels alone.

A Personal Journey Turns Inspirational

It all started when Kelly was just 19, grappling with her struggles.

Those tough times led her to social media to share her story and listen to others. 

Fast forward over ten years, and she is not just an Instagram influencer; she is the friend everyone wishes they had online.

Instagram: More Than Just a Feed

Scroll through Kelly’s Instagram, which is different from your typical feed. It is where people come to share, laugh, cry, and find a friend in Kelly. 

She has made her account a safe zone where it is okay to be yourself, no matter what that looks like.

Vulnerability: Kelly’s Secret Weapon

Kelly does something pretty cool with her vulnerability – she turns it into a superpower. 

She encourages others to drop their guard by being open about her life. She tells her followers, “Hey, it is okay not to be okay.”

Big Plans on the Horizon

There is a buzz about a major wellness project Kelly’s cooking up, set to launch in March. 

Knowing her track record, it is bound to get people talking and, more importantly, feeling good.

Stay Tuned with Kelly

Watch what Kelly is doing next if you are into real talk about mental health and creating a caring community online. 

Her upcoming project is not just another item on her resume; it is a passion project that could make a real difference.

Kelly’s journey is a fresh take on what social media can be. 

It is a reminder that behind every username is a real person looking for connection and understanding. 

Kelly’s world online is a small oasis of kindness and realness in the often superficial world of social media.

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