Laura Soto's Vision Between The Luminous and The Grotesque

Laura Soto’s Vision: Between The Luminous and The Grotesque

Explore Laura Soto’s unique sculptures, where the natural meets the unusual, inviting viewers between luminous beauty and intriguing grotesque.

Balancing Familiarity with Alien Allure

Laura Soto
Laura Soto

“I would describe my visual aesthetic as riding this fine line between the luminous and the grotesque, at once bodily and familiar yet alien,” shares the intriguing artist Laura Soto. 

Her statement poses an intriguing juxtaposition that invites viewers to dive deeper into her creations.

Mimicking Nature Through Human-made Materials

Laura Soto
Laura Soto

Laura’s genius shines through her ability to craft sculptures that beautifully replicate the natural world, albeit with a twist. 

These are different from your regular sculptures made of clay or stone.

Instead, Laura delves into the realm of human-made materials, particularly fibers. 

Her large forms, constructed from these fibers, metamorphose under the significant influence of amassed media.

A Dynamic Process of Creation

Laura Soto
Laura Soto

What makes Laura’s artwork even more intriguing is her process. 

Describing her approach as a “creative excavation,” it signifies a journey where she constantly navigates between the act of creation and the process of destruction. 

For Laura, reaching the final piece can be an intricate dance that lasts for years.

Nature as an Eternal Muse

Laura Soto
Laura Soto

Regarding inspiration, nature stands as Laura’s most significant influencer. 

She exclaims, “Shells and rock and sediment are my eternal muses.” Laura’s emulation of nature is not merely about direct replication. 

It is about experimentation. 

It is about combining elements that conventionally might never be paired together. 

Laura challenges norms by mixing the unmixed, observing how they resist or blend, and layering concoctions upon concoctions.

Invoking a Spectrum of Emotions

Laura Soto
Laura Soto

Laura’s ambition is clear. 

She wants her art to elicit varied emotions, from transcendence to sheer repulsion. 

Drawing a parallel to exploring a tide pool, she adds:

“I hope that the response to my work runs the gamut from transcendence to repulsion, much like the experience of exploring a tide pool, a sense of curiosity and confusion, an invitation to explore.”

Through her unique art, Laura Soto offers a visual treat and an emotional roller-coaster. 

Her sculptures, a blend of the natural and the unusual, beckon viewers to embark on an explorative journey, oscillating between the known and the unknown.

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