Meet Lu do Magalu The Virtual Influencer Revolutionizing Brazilian Retail

Meet Lu do Magalu: The Virtual Influencer Revolutionizing Brazilian Retail

Meet Lu do Magalu, the virtual sensation from Brazil who is shaking up digital marketing for Magalu with her captivating content.

Lu do Magalu

In digital innovation, one character has significantly impacted how brands engage with their audiences: Lu, a virtual influencer from Brazil. 

Since her debut in 2009, Lu has evolved from a promotional character for Magazine Luiza, known as Magalu, into a digital phenomenon with a massive following across social platforms. 

This post explores Lu’s journey, significance, and role in redefining digital marketing.

Rise of Lu do Magalu

Lu first appeared on the digital scene on August 13, 2009, as part of a campaign for iBlogTV for Magalu, one of Brazil’s largest retail companies. What sets Lu apart is her identity as a Virtual 3D Influencer and Digital Specialist at Magalu, where she is not just a mascot but a content creator producing unboxing videos, product reviews, and software tips.

Quick Facts

  • First Appearance: August 13, 2009
  • Role: Digital Specialist and Content Creator for Magalu
  • Content Focus: Unboxing videos, product reviews, software tips
  • Origin: Brazil

Impact and Presence

Magalu, which reported a $552M profit in 2019, has significantly benefited from Lu’s presence. She is not only on Magalu’s website and apps but also has a commanding presence on Facebook, being the most visible virtual human globally, especially in Brazil.


  • Massive Following: Lu has over 6.8 Million fans across social platforms, making her the most-followed virtual influencer in Brazil.
  • Digital Engagement: Featured on Magalu’s digital platforms, Lu enhances the shopping experience, providing valuable product insights and tips.
  • Cultural Icon: Despite her primary fame in Brazil, Lu’s concept rivals global virtual icons, illustrating the potential of virtual influencers in corporate branding.

Why Lu do Magalu Matters

Lu represents a groundbreaking shift in marketing, showcasing the potential of virtual influencers to engage with audiences in innovative and meaningful ways. Her success story illustrates:

  • Innovation in Engagement: Virtual influencers like Lu offer fresh avenues for brands to connect with their audiences beyond traditional advertising.
  • Brand Control: Lu’s persona allows Magalu complete control over its messaging, ensuring brand consistency and reliability.
  • Timelessness: Unlike human influencers, virtual characters like Lu do not age, allowing for a long-term strategy without frequent changes.


Lu’s emergence as a digital specialist and content creator for Magalu highlights the evolving landscape of digital marketing and consumer engagement. 

Her success underscores the potential of virtual influencers to transform brand strategies, offering a blend of creativity, control, and innovation. 

As the digital world continues to evolve, the story of Lu serves as an inspiring example of the future of digital engagement.

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