Meet Beverly, the Color-Loving Y2K Maximalist

Meet Beverly, the Color-Loving Y2K Maximalist

Meet Beverly, the Y2K maximalist spreading joy through her love for colors and unique fashion sense. Join us as we explore her journey to self-acceptance and the courage to be oneself unapologetically and joyfully.

Meet Beverly


Hey everyone! 

Today, we are super excited to introduce you to a person who is a burst of colors in the truest sense – Beverly. 

A self-proclaimed Y2K maximalist, she is here to share her colorful journey and how she uses fashion as a tool of empowerment. Let us dive right in!

Beverly’s Love for Colors


So, Beverly calls herself a Y2K maximalist, meaning she deeply loves everything colorful and vibrant. 

She loves playing with colors, arranging them to satisfy her creative urges, and spreading happiness to people around her. 

It is all about creating a joyous world with the help of colors, and we are here for it!

Dressing Up as a Healing Process


Beverly is open about the hard realities she faces daily, being black, dark-skinned, and fat. 

But guess what? 

She has found a beautiful way to heal and nurture her inner child – through dressing up. 

Putting together outfits that make her feel great has become a way to feel safe, present, and truly valued in her community. 

It is like giving her inner child a warm hug, which we think is absolutely beautiful.

Thrifting: A Sustainable Fashion Choice


Beverly shares a little secret with us – a whopping 80% of her closet is filled with scavenged items! 

She adores thrift stores and recently has developed a love for vintage pieces that people sell online from their closets. 

She admits that resorting to fast fashion is her last choice, especially when looking for dresses and pants, a choice driven by the limited options available for fat people.

This journey into thrift and vintage shopping is not just a style choice; it is a conscious decision to stay away from the fast fashion industry and to choose more sustainable options. 

We admire her for taking a stand and making a difference through her fashion choices!

Be Bold, Be You


Here comes the golden advice from Beverly: You are freer than you think! She encourages everyone, especially those feeling marginalized, to break free from the expectations of fitting into a ‘normal’ mold. 

Beverly says, “You do not need permission to take up space; you do not owe anybody any explanation on why you are here or the way you are. You are allowed to be selfish that way.”

We could not agree more. 

It reminds us all to embrace ourselves just the way we are and to take up space without any apologies.

Wrapping Up


As we wrap up our heartwarming chat with Beverly, we cannot help but feel inspired. 

Beverly teaches us that it is more than okay to be ourselves, to celebrate our uniqueness through vibrant colors, and to heal through the self-loving act of dressing up.

So here is to be more fearless, a lot more colorful, and celebrate ourselves just as we are, with a little help from the vibrant and inclusive fashion world. 

Thanks for the inspiration, Beverly!

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