Serotines Art's Celestial and Iridescent Post-Human Characters

Serotines Art’s Celestial and Iridescent Post-Human Characters

Multimedia digital artist Serotines has captivated audiences with their ethereal and otherworldly post-human characters. 

Through digital art, Serotines breaks free from the constraints of reality, offering a glimpse into a realm unconstrained by physical boundaries and societal expectations.


Serotines Art
Serotines Art

Unleashing the Power of Digital Art

In the realm of digital art, the possibilities are boundless. 

Serotines recognize the immense power that lies in this medium, which allows artists to create without the limitations of physical space or materials. 

By seamlessly blending various artistic mediums, Serotines finds endless inspiration and creates captivating works that transcend traditional artistic boundaries.

Transitioning from 2D to 3D Art

Serotines initially began their artistic journey in the realm of 2D art. 

However, a fortuitous encounter with a drawing forum that offered free digital art programs led them to explore the world of digital art. 

This newfound passion quickly took hold, prompting Serotines to invest in a drawing tablet and immerse themselves in its possibilities. 

While coding may still be uncharted territory, Serotines has developed 3D modeling and animation skills, providing a unique solution to manifest their creative visions.

The Creative Process and the Birth of Characters

For Serotines, the creative process often begins with character design. 

As they bring these characters to life, their personalities emerge and evolve, shaping the narrative of Serotines’ artistic journey. 

Serotines perceive their angelic figures as alternate forms of human characters, potentially reflecting the duality of real-life and online identities that many individuals navigate. 

Notably, the vivid and vibrant colors employed by Serotines play a significant role, evoking an otherworldly quality that enhances the overarching theme of transcending conventional boundaries.

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Serotines Art
Serotines Art


Serotines, the multimedia digital artist known for their celestial and iridescent post-human characters, embraces the boundless potential of digital art. 

Through their exploration of various artistic mediums and the freedom afforded by the digital realm, Serotines pushes the boundaries of creativity, creating captivating works that transport viewers to a world beyond imagination. 

As they continue to inspire with their visionary art, Serotines reminds us of digital art’s incredible possibilities, forever challenging the confines of “real life” and inviting us to delve into the infinite realms of the imagination.

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